Ryan C. Collins
Ryan C. Collins

Ryan C. Collins

Who I am

Hello 👋!
My name is Ryan C. Collins, thank you for visiting my website!
I am a passionate & innovative front end focused software engineer 👨‍💻 and people leader, as well as a finance enthusiast 📈. On the weekends you’ll find me traveling 🛩, hiking 🥾, cycling 🚴‍♂️ and playing my acoustic guitar on my back porch. Click the link below to learn more about me!
About Me


Need help with your new or early tech career? I’m available for coaching calls to help you navigate the tech industry to reach your career goals.
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Where I work

Tech Lead @Doma, building the future experience of real estate transactions 🏡. Doma is a tech company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on bringing instant digital closing to home buyers.

Things I wrote

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“A natural leader, Ryan is never short on opinions, but is respectful and considering of any input from experts and juniors, alike... If you want a robust and beautiful UI, look no further - this is your guy.” - Michael Plazek — Senior Software Engineer @Uber
It’s rare to come across an engineering manager who is also an incredible software engineer and a remarkable mentor like Ryan.
I was particularly impressed with Ryan’s exceptional organization and delegation skills. He put together a new team who then became one of the top performing teams in the company in no time! ... With a calm personality, he is a thoughtful and empathic leader who is always there for his team.
As a team member or a manager, Ryan earns my highest recommendation.”
- Faridoon Noori - Senior Software Engineer @Doma
“Ryan has many accomplishments and aspirations for the future but his humble, honest, ego free attitude truly excites me for what he might achieve. I wish Ryan the very best in the future and honestly hope our career paths cross again because it was a pleasure to work with him.” - Mike Walrath — Technical Project Manager @HPE
“The one consistent element I've seen from Ryan is a dedication to his work and his team. Ryan digs deep into his projects, partners well, and balances the fine line between simplicity and over-engineering.” - Alex Mejias — Senior Design Technologist @Amazon
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