About Me

About Me

Hey there 👋 my name is Ryan C. Collins! Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about me!

My Career

I am a passionate and innovative front-end focused software engineer and people leader. My focus is on building best-in-class user experiences for the web through modern engineering practices, customer obsession and data-driven decision-making.
While my expertise is focused on the front-end, I bring a wealth of experience and educational background in all parts of the stack: design, systems, cloud, data and leading high performance engineering teams.
I have a wealth of experience working in multiple industries including:
  • Real Estate & Insurance Tech
  • Financial Technology
  • Cloud Computing
  • Education Technology
  • Internet of Things

What’s important to me

  • Best-in-class user experiences
    • Performance
    • Accessibility
    • Responsiveness
    • Scalability
  • Building a front end architecture to support:
    • Easy maintenance of code through organization and design patterns
    • Code and feature sharing
    • Great developer experience
    • Accelerated feature delivery
    • Minimal operational overhead
  • Building high performing teams
    • Maintaining a healthy team culture
    • Continuous improvement through agile process experimentation and measuring outcomes
    • Taking calculated risks and celebrating both wins and failures
    • Advocating for everyone to be owners
    • Growing myself and my coworkers through constant self improvement and life-long learning
Please find me on LinkedIn if you have an opportunity that would be a great fit for me!

Things I use

Tech Stack

  • Web Components - I’m a big fan of lean web apps and web components have come a long way. My take, React isn’t right for everything.
  • TypeScript - JavaScript is the language of the web and TypeScript makes it even better! I’m a big fan!
  • React JS - Still one of the best Front End frameworks, even after 7+ years!
  • GraphQL - GraphQL adds type safety to your APIs and provides a best-in-class developer experience. When GraphQL isn’t right, my fallback is React Query.
  • Serverless - I’m a big proponent of using serverless technologies to build back ends. Infrastructure management is hard and I prefer to build on the shoulder’s of giants whenever possible.
  • Docker & Kubernetes - Containerized applications and deployment orchestration for when serverless isn’t enough (i.e. multi-tenant cloud solutions).


  • VSCode - Many have tried to convince me otherwise, but I still always come back to VSCode as my editor of choice.
  • Hyper - Highly customizable web technology based terminal. Big fan!
  • Homebrew - Package installation management.
  • FireFox - My main browser these days, along with Brave Browser. Privacy is in!

Data Science

  • Python
    • Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Tensorflow, etc.


  • TradingView - Technical analysis, charting, watch lists
  • Koyfin - Market overview & data
  • The Retirement Tracker - Shout out to my buddy Alan Souza, great investing tool for tracking your whole portfolio and competing with your friends to reach early retirement!

Desk Setup

notion image
Computer: 16” Macbook Pro
  • M1 Max - 10 core CPU, 32 core GPU, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD
Chair: Autonomous Ergo Chair
Desk: Autonomous Smart Desk
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Camera: Depstech 1080p Webcam

Personal Background

Family is #1 for me! I have a huge one and I love every minute I spend with them. After that, my focus is on growing my knowledge, enjoying my life and finding my ultimate purpose.
I am naturally a builder, but unique in the sense that I am also an artist. Perhaps the only downside to that is that instead of focusing on one area of growth, I tend to focus on growing myself in every area! With that said, I do try to go deep into whatever topic I’m focused on before moving onto the next thing.
Education is a huge part of my life and I consider myself a life-longer learner. I literally always have a book or course that I am working on.

Personality Type

notion image

Academic Interests

Currently my main academic interests are:
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Music
  • Leadership

My Hobbies

When I’m not learning, working or investing, you can find me enjoying the outdoors: hiking, cycling & kayaking, spending time with my amazing friends and family and playing my guitar on my back porch.
Horsetooth mountain, Fort Collins CO - 2019
Horsetooth mountain, Fort Collins CO - 2019
Dinner and Wine in Sonoma CA - Summer 2021
Dinner and Wine in Sonoma CA - Summer 2021
Tour de Lyme cycling tour in Old Lyme, CT - Summer 2022
Tour de Lyme cycling tour in Old Lyme, CT - Summer 2022
E-Biking around Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma, CA - Summer 2021
E-Biking around Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma, CA - Summer 2021


I love cooking and baking of all sorts. Some of my favorites are homemade pizza in a wood burning oven and homemade sourdough bread. Also, checkout the Paella we made last year in Sonoma!
Making Homemade Pizza, yum! - Summer 2020
Making Homemade Pizza, yum! - Summer 2020
notion image
Manning the wood burning pizza oven in Sonoma, CA - Summer 2021
Manning the wood burning pizza oven in Sonoma, CA - Summer 2021
Figs and honey on a pizza, yes please! Sonoma, CA - Summer 2021
Figs and honey on a pizza, yes please! Sonoma, CA - Summer 2021
Life is better with Sourdough - Summer 2021
Life is better with Sourdough - Summer 2021
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My Guitars

I’ve been playing guitar most of my life and I’ve never been very good, but I still love it!
What kind of music do I play you ask? Guitar for me is not an intellectual pursuit, it is about enjoyment and meditation. I play whatever I feel like in the moment, usually songs that I’ve learned or jams. For a while, finger-style was my main thing, but I’ve been branching into blues and rock on the electric lately.
I am a minimalist when it comes to most things, but especially with guitars. I have one acoustic and one electric plus a small practice amp.
Taylor 314CE acoustic guitar
Taylor 314CE acoustic guitar
PRS CE-24 electric guitar
PRS CE-24 electric guitar
Spark 40 practice amp
Spark 40 practice amp