HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform

HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform

Web Dev
Cloud Platform
March 12, 2022


HPE’s GreenLake Cloud Platform represents the company’s pivot to offering its entire software suite as-a-service (Saas) through a unified cloud experience.


As Front End Platform Architect on the project, my role was to lead a team to build the foundation of how the company builds, releases and scales Saas front ends.

Technical Milestones

  • Built and scaled a distributed micro-frontend architecture to facilitate a unified platform experience, connecting users with dozens of independently developed cloud services.
  • Distributed a software development kit, UI component framework and CLI to enable code sharing and consistent user experience across dozens of globally distributed software teams
  • Built a continuous integration / delivery platform, focusing on fast & frequent deployment of independently developed front end services.

Tech Stack

Front End
ReactJS, Modern Functional JavaScript, Grommet, Lerna
Back End
GoLang, NodeJS, GraphQL, AWS, Serverless Framework
Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Github Actions, Cypress