Astra Finance

Astra Finance

Software Development
App Dev
Machine Learning
March 10, 2022


Astra offers automated, bank-to-bank transfer technology solutions for financial institutions, fintech startups, and enterprises. Their money movement platform enables clients to offer seamless, automated bank transfers between their customers’ networks of accounts using rules-based routines.


As a core developer on the first Astra app MVP, I was responsible for building the first iteration of the web & mobile app.

Technical Milestones

  • Led the front end team to deliver on time and under budget.
  • Built a dynamic data-driven mobile-first web app using accessibility and UX best-practices.
  • Developed interactive data visualizations with D3.js as user interfaces for interacting with Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Optimized performance at every stage of the process and organized large code-bases following the feature-first approach.

Tech Stack

Front End
ReactJS, React Native, Modern Functional JavaScript, Material UI
Back End
Python, GraphQL, Tensorflow