Doma Close

Doma Close

Web Dev
Software Development
October 15, 2022


Doma Close is a full service software suite that brings near-instant home closing to all parties involved in the home closing process: Real Estate Agents, Homeowners, Escrow Officers, etc.

Role in the Project

My initial role on the project was Front End Tech Lead of the Real Estate Agent team. In this role, I helped to lead a team to build an experience for Real Estate Agents to tap into Doma’s intelligent home closing platform.
Not long after joining, I moved into the role of Tech Lead Manager (TLM) and spun up a new team called the Foundation team.
TLM is a hybrid role between a full stack Tech Lead and a People Manager.


  • Rolled out a GraphQL service to increase productivity, developer happiness and allowing us to focus on what matters: delivering great features to our customers.
  • Helped to drive architectural shifts to make us a more productive and happy development org.
    • Domain-driven micro service development & event-driven architecture
    • OPA-driven AuthZ
  • Contributed to building and roll out of the Bungalow Design system with the goal of accelerating feature delivery while maintaining world-class UX and Accessibility.
  • Introduced an Identity and Access Management (IAM) user management micro service and front end experience, enabling accelerated onboarding and platform engagement.

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